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IV Sedation - Intravenous Sedation Training

As clinicians develop in their implant practice, many realize that patient comfort (and case acceptance!) can increase with moderate sedation. This is a safe and effective way to relax patients and to offer treatment to the thousands of people who avoid dental care due to anxiety. Not only will course delegates use sedation for implant cases, but also for general dentistry and large restorative treatment plans in your practice. To facilitate the learning experience and limit time out of your office, the IV sedation training can be paired with CIRP as an educational package.

The IV sedation program consists of 60 hours (a general state requirement) of didactic training, followed by at least 20 sedation experiences. Unlike some training sites where delegates "share" a sedation patient, we expect our delegates to perform 20 individual sedations. Also, we use only medications which are available to general dentists to use. Why train in deep sedation if you will be practicing moderate sedation? Finally, it is important that you learn to do the dentistry while sedating your patients. This is also part of the clinical experience we offer.

A Competency Course in Moderate 
Parenteral Sedation

Safely and effectively treat patients who would otherwise not seek or receive dental care. This includes fearful patients, patients with special needs, and patients who simply desire sedation as part of complex treatment. While many specialists in a given community offer sedation, they are typically not qualified or comfortable providing extensive restorative work, such as multiple operative restorations or crown preparations. For this reason, and to increase overall access to care, it is necessary to train general dentists in the appropriate use of parenteral sedation.

Course & Registration Information

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Our goal is to teach general dentists on how to effectively treat patients with dental implants.

Our graduates place dozens to hundreds of implants in their practices each year.

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