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Dental Implant Candidates

Low-Cost Dental Implants

50 - 70% Off on Implant Services

AIE is one of the most respected dental education providers in the country. Our team of experienced dental implant experts teaches dentists implant surgery. This means we need patients who need dental implant therapy and you can save thousands of dollars on tooth replacement with industry experts. Schedule a free initial evaluation today!

Dental Implant Solutions

Replace 1 or More Teeth
  1. Preserves healthy teeth

  2. Preserves jawbone, reducing the appearance of premature aging

  3. Restores proper chewing ability up to 100%

  4. Looks and feels like a natural tooth

  5. Reduces the risk of cavities and tooth failure

Improve Denture Stability
  1. More secure than a conventional denture

  2. Removed daily for cleaning

  3. Requires no adhesive

  4. Improves speech and confidence

  5. Restores chewing ability to 25-40%

  6. A dental prosthesis can be utilized in 3-6 months

Replace All Teeth
  1. New, permanent teeth

  2. Secure, natural looking teeth

  3. Low maintenance with no costly adhesives

  4. Preserves jawbone, reducing the appearance of premature aging

  5. Can restore proper chewing ability up to 100%

Visit Us In Bessemer, AL
Our clinic specializes in training dentists on implant surgery from world class doctors. This means you can receive massively discounted implant procedures with experienced implant dentists. We offer free consultations to make sure you are a candidate. Register today!


Our goal is to teach general dentists on how to effectively treat patients with dental implants.

Our graduates place dozens to hundreds of implants in their practices each year.

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