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Course Reviews by Doctors

Dr. Alan Avriett


“As far as learning to do implants from a common sense angle, there is no better course than AIE.  It is reasonably priced and the information that is learned during the3 day surgical portion is priceless.  You get hit with situations that make you think about how to solve a vast array of problems.  I loved the course and Dr’s McCracken and Guy were excellent and easily approachable.  Would recommend to anyone wanting to learn implant placement.  Have already told my BioHorizons rep how good it was.” 

Dr. Bruce Baker

“The Implant course was fantastic! The structure of the session was just right. The patient selection presented such a wide range of cases that we all were constantly learning new things. The team at the foundry were so friendly and helpful that the sessions were fun! Thank you all for this great learning experience. All the good things I heard about the course were true.”  

Dr. Michael Nebrig

“Course was great!  Didactic was sufficiently comprehensive without being overwhelming.  Surgical was perfect.  Plenty of implants to place in order to feel comfortable when I get home.  I think some more restorative knowledge would be beneficial with regard to the overdenture cases.  I was able to get info by asking the residents and attendings, but without prying, I may have felt a little lost with respect to that.” 

Dr. Ryan Roberts

“Overall, I had a great experience - I feel confident adding implant dentistry into services I can provide for my patients. Being that I've been out of dental school for less than a year,  I was looking for a course that could help me build confidence placing implants for single or multiple tooth replacement, and this course accomplished all of those things. I was very impressed with the program's organization, management of participant's time, and the effort that was made to make sure everyone got quality surgical experiences. I will be recommending this course to my fellow colleges.” 

Dr. Chris Sims

“I loved the course. I felt like it was a great hands-on experience, especially for the price. You all have a great team that really help make the experience a one-of-a-kind.”

Dr. Cody Bell

“I have been VERY pleased with the CIRP course. I feel like Dr. Guy and Dr. McCracken have gone above and beyond my expectations to make the experience as worthwhile as possible. I have learned some very valuable new skills that will allow me to offer my patients the best possible service. I have already seen an improvement in my implant practice both in quality of services (decreased failure rate) and in the number of procedures I have been performing. I would like to see maybe some more instruction on PRF/PRP procedures such as specifics on phlebotomy techniques, instrumentation needed to perform these procedures in the office, and specifics on how long to centrifuge etc. Overall the instruction on grafting, implant placement, sinus augmentation etc has been phenomenal.  Thanks for a great experience.”  

Dr. Mark Anderson

Let me first say that I thoroughly enjoyed both the didactic and surgical sessions!! They were both very informative, especially the surgical session in Alabama!! I find Dr. McCracken to be a great lecturer who cuts through the fluff to teach us the necessary nuts and bolts of implant surgery.  I already had experience placing implants.  I've been placing them since 2010 but I felt I needed a refresher, especially with respect to Biohorizons implants.  The real reason I signed up for the course was to get my two associates experience in placing implants. We all attended together and we all got a lot out of it!!  Even though I have experience, I'm still glad I attended the course with them.  Now we all have a common source of education we can refer to when discussing individual cases together.” 

Dr. J. Chris Martin

“The AIE course was fantastic, far exceeding my expectations.  Dr. McCrackens laid back teaching style made him very easy to approach and ask questions. I loved the fact that the course wasn’t too heavy in “bone biology” and geared more toward practical everyday practice. The surgical session was phenomenal. I gained tremendous confidence very quickly and feel like I can go back home and begin placing implants on select cases Monday morning. In my opinion, the fee for this course is the best buy in continuing education anywhere. I can’t wait to return for more advanced training in the near future.

Dr. Katie Schier

“I loved the AIE implant course. It was very thorough and broken down into easy to remember steps.  Dr. McCracken is a phenomenal lecturer. He made it fun and enjoyable to sit in a lecture room all day, which is a hard task to do.  I additionally liked the marketing component of the course.  The surgical session was my favorite part.  My partner and I were able to successfully place 17 implants and were exposed to complex cases.  After leaving the course, I feel confident that I will be able to implement this in my practice.  Thanks so much!”