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Comprehensive Education

While many courses for learning implant dentistry are available, few are as comprehensive in scope and provide ALL SURGICAL SUPPLIES!  Alabama Implant Education is committed to providing quality education with university-based lecturers. Our goal is to effectively train dentists in the appropriate use of dental implants, so that patients may be well served with this state-of-the-art technology.


This course will be taught using distance learning, group sessions, invited speakers, and intensive educational experiences including hands-on LIVE SURGERY with patient provided.

1 -Basics - Treatment planning, medical evaluation, cone beam CT analysis


2 -Socket Grafting - Socket grafting, basic site development, the biology of wound healing, osseointegration


3 -Mandibles - Treating the edentulous mandible, overdenture protocols, managing postoperative pain


4 -Complications - Complications and medical emergencies, advanced wound closure


5 -Maxillae - Treating the edentulous maxillae, implant placement  and restorations, bone density, effective treatment plans

6 -Ridge Width - Grafting materials, techniques for site development, block graft overview, titanium mesh, and membranes

7 -Sinus Grafting - Sinus anatomy and biology, augmentation techniques, intraosseous sinus lift  procedures

8 -CBCT Surgery - Using CBCT for guided implant placement, flapless surgical protocols, milled abutments, hands-on lab:  Implant placement · Hands-on Lab: Suturing techniques Biomechanics


Our goal is to teach general dentists on how to effectively treat patients with dental implants.

Our graduates place dozens to hundreds of implants in their practices each year.

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